Black Multistripe Espadrilles

Black Multistripe Espadrilles


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Black Multistripe Espadrilles - totally unisex, a brilliant summer shoe. Once you have worn them in they are like an outdoor slipper - you will not want to take them off until summer is over!

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These are beautifully striped espadrilles. Lovely bright colours contract against a black background. Traditionally made with canvas uppers and rope soles. They are traditionally made in the Basque area using time-long skills. If you are new to espadrilles please do not expect them to fit like a shoe. They must feel tight when you first put them on, and you should be able to pull the canvas at the back up over your heel. Once worn for an hour or so you will find that the soft canvas molds to fit your feel. There is no left or right on these shoes either!