Lavender Espadrilles

Lavender Espadrilles


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Lavender espadrilles with contrast darker lavender stitching from the Pampelonne range.

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These classic espadrilles shoes are made traditionally made from cotton canvas with a natural jute rope sole. These are a gorgeous soft lavender colour with contrast darker lavender stitching. They are traditionally made in the Basque region, where generations of families have made these shoes for centuries. They are literally the classic summer shoe. But please do not expect them to fit like a regular shoe as they are only made of canvas. When you first wear them they should feel tight, but just as long as you can draw the canvas up and over your heel at the back, they are the right size! Once you have worn them for a short while the canvas will soften and mould to fit your foot. Once "broken in" you will not want to be parted from them. There is no left and right foot to these summer shoes, so ideal if you are slipping them off on the beach or under your seat in the plane.