Guatemalan Polo Belt - Black

Guatemalan Polo Belt - Black


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A sharp black background makes these stunning embroidered belts really stand out from the crowd! This crisp black belt is a really smart belt and please rest assured they are totally unisex!

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These hard wearing hand made belts are inlaid with colourful embroidery using natural dyes. In buying one of these unique belts you are helping support the tradition of weaving and embroidery with the indiginous craftsmen and craftswomen in the region. Many of these items are made at home, often in family groups. No child labour is employed in the making of these beautiful leather belts from Guatemala. We are proud to sell these belts in our Pampelonne range. Everytime we receive a new order we are marvelled by the gorgeous colours and motifs. There are never two belts the same, and we find that people are happy to come back year on year and add a new colour or design to their collection. You may find that the colours fade down over the course of time, but that will just add to the charm and character of your belt. Please be reassured that you do not have to be a polo player to wear one of these belts, we bring them to you as a totally unisex item to be worn and enjoyed.