Guatemalan Polo Belt - Tierra

Guatemalan Polo Belt - Tierra


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Guatemalan leather polo belt in Tierra - "colours of the earth". This is probably one of our favourite belts in range. Whilst offering a wealth of colour along the belt, these colours are more muted than the Multicolores belt.

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Inlaid with colourful cotton hand embroidery in a wealth of rich earch colours. These belts are made for Pampelonne by the Mayan Indians up in the hills in central Guatemala. This style called "tierra" means "colours of the earth" and is a wonderful blend of soft colours in random design. These are each individually spun so there are no two belts identical, and the colours and combinations of design vary with each and every batch of belts we receive, so there is no possibility of anyone having the exact belt as you! These belts are totally unisex and look just as great on girls as they do on guys with jeans or weekend chinos. These strong leather belts will fit through a standard jean loop, and will stretch a little over the course of time, so don't panic if you belt is a little snug when first worn. Please note for the dog lovers amongst you, we now sell a matching dog collar!